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I accept commissions from filmmakers, authors, and artists who want to have music that breathes life into their worlds and characters.

Ethan Toavs is currently accepting commissions for new projects. Ethan can provide custom original music, in the form of background music for media as well as stand-alone pieces of music. He can also provide custom arrangements of other songs. Furthermore, Ethan can provide custom orchestrations of existing sketches and piano reductions. Finally, he can provide a custom MIDI-mockup, or a realistic computer rendition of a piece of music, for any project that does not have access to live musicians.


Ethan will be happy to provide any combination of the above services for your projects as well. Prices depend on the desired length, instrumentation, and exclusivity of the music. For more information or a price estimate, please contact Ethan in the *contact* tab


All of these arrangements, except the ones labeled *LIVE*, are MIDI Mockups with virtual instruments. 

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