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I accept commissions from filmmakers, authors, and artists who want to have music that breathes life into their worlds and characters. Please message me with the details of your project. All services are charged per minute of final product, unless otherwise stated.

Composing (Per 1 Minute):

Piano & Solo - $75
   Chamber Music (String Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, etc.) - $100
   Orchestra, String Orchestra, Concert Band, etc - $125
   Unusual Instrumentation (World Instruments, Symphonic Metal, Unorthodox Chamber Ensembles, etc.) - $150
   Other genres (rock, pop, EDM, etc) - Not my specialty, so this varies on a case-by-case basis. Message me with the details of your project so we can work something out.

Orchestration & Arranging (Per 1 Minute):
   Piano & Chamber Ensembles: $75
   Orchestra: $100
   Unusual Instrumentation: $125

   Score (Solo & Chamber): $15 per page
   Score (Orchestra): $25 per page
   Parts: $10 per page
   Score Reductions (Solo & Chamber): $25 per page
   Score Reductions (Orchestra): $50 per page

Rushed Job Fee (For Unusually Tight Deadlines): Message me.

Other services (Per 1 Minute):
   Transcription (Solo): $75
   Transcription (Chamber): $100
   Transcription (Orchestra): $250
   Low-Quality Recording Fee: One-Time Fee of $100

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