Fusing modern styles with classical convention, Ethan Toavs is a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based contemporary concert and media composer. He composes a diverse array of pieces for symphony orchestra, solo piano, and choir. One of his compositions, “The Chronicles of An Odyssey,” was declared a semifinalist in the prestigious 2017 International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

Ethan's current projects include composing Sounds of the Enchanted Valley, a suite of symphonic works focused on encapsulating the child's fantasy.

Ethan Toavs is also a pianist, singer, and concert and electric bassist. He is currently enrolled at Coastal Carolina University, where he is studying classical composition with Dr. Donald Sloan, and piano performance with Dr. Philip Powell. He plans to pursue both a master's and doctorate in classical composition upon concluding his undergraduate studies. 

Ethan Toavs loves the color pink, dogs, macaroni and cheese, Mozart’s Symphony No. 41, kid’s movies, My Little Pony, and a nice, brisk walk in the morning’s breeze.

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