Fusing modern styles with classical convention, Ethan Toavs is a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based contemporary concert and media composer. He composes a diverse array of pieces for symphony orchestra, electronics, solo piano, and choir. Most of his music is inspired by themes of nature or childhood.

Ethan's current projects include Weathering, a nature-themed  suite of classical chamber music for small ensembles; a finished but unnamed suite of fantasy music; and a suite of epic battle music. These will be published on Ethan's YouTube channel over the next few months.

Ethan's recent projects include his Aurora suite for orchestra; his collection of Eight Fantasies for orchestral "soundscapes;" his orchestral arrangements of the songs of the 2005 "My Little Pony" cartoon, "A Very Minty Christmas;" his "SonuSuite" for orchestra and electronics; his "Sounds of the Enchanted Valley" suite for orchestra; and his "Call of the Expedition" suite for solo piano. 

Ethan Toavs is also a pianist, singer, and concert and electric bassist. He received his B.A. at Coastal Carolina University, where he studied classical composition with Dr. Donald Sloan and piano performance with Dr. Philip Powell. Ethan has been accepted to and will be enrolled at the world-famed Eastman School of Music, where he will be studying in its Contemporary Media and Film Composition program.

Ethan Toavs loves the color pink, dogs, macaroni and cheese, Mozart’s Symphony No. 41, kid’s movies, My Little Pony, and a nice, brisk walk in the morning’s breeze.